>The entry alert Places Devil Man plunges


Devil enter into self-destructive and misleading someone to it through a few things: 
1. Stupidity 
Ignorance is deadly membtakan heart and vision so that the fools did not understand what good and what is evil, which is Sunnah and what is heresy which is lawful and what is haram, which haq and which are void, and so on. Since the situation is so then the devil take advantage of this ignorance to destroy and mislead people. For that Allah forbids a fool. Allah says:
“And if Allah willed, Allah raise them above the instructions, then do not once in a while you become the fool.” Prophet Moses’ alaihis greeting ever prayed:

“He said: I seek refuge in Allah that I am among the ignorant.”
2. Angry  
Angry that includes the entry of big devil and traps. Anger someone playing devil in order to mislead the culprit was like a kid playing ball seenakny, so easily angry people were turned away from the truth so that the mouth of the usual polite can remove the words obscene, abusive, can revile, slander, reproach, scorn and other -lain.Anggota body can be hit, so hitting, attacking, tearing, wounding, killing and others bad. Heart angry people filled with jealousy, envy, grudge against people who scolded.
عن أبي هريرة رضي الله عنه أن رجلا قال للنبي صلى الله عليه وسلم: أوصني, قال: لا تغضب فردد مرارا, قال: لا تغضب [رواه البخاري] 
 From Abu Hurairah radhiallahuanhu someone actually asked the Messenger of sholallohu ‘alaihi wa sallam: (O Prophet) encourage me. He said: Do you get angry. He asked about it many times. Then he said: Do not you anger. “Said Rasululloh Sholallohu blessing be upon him: I actually understand a single sentence that if he said it would disappear angry that he met, namely: 
 اعوذ بالله من الشيطان الرجيم

 3. World Cinda  

Indeed devil has adorned the world with gebyarnya in most human hearts so that they are skewed in the world and feel happy with the world, they are vying for the world in earnest, objective foundation of the world. They memenci and mutual envy because the world. And the devil take advantage of such a way that humans become perverted.  
“Indeed Rosullulloh Shollallohu alaihi wasallam said: for the sake of Allah, not the poor that I worried about, but I’m concerned about the world that spread to you as it is spread to humans before you, then you get a race like they are competing for it, then you destroy the world just as they have destroyed. ”

4. The length chimera. A servant if angannya long pipe, he will do the job seriously and tend to ignore the time, he will do everything possible to achieve what diangan dreams by heart, predicting the world with a variety of business and will knock the joints of interest akhiratnya.
“Messenger Shollallohu alaihi wasallam said: From Huroirah Abi says: I heard Rasululloh said: never stopped the old man’s heart remains young in two things: the love of the world and the length of wishful thinking.”
If we understand how the rest of life we live and how old is that we pass surely we will live more careful about what we reach pipe dream, and surely we are more pleased to add our charity and would rather shorten what he wants. We will further our presence in the world feels like an outsider or like a man who was crossing the road.
“Messenger Shollallohu alaihi wasallam said: Be ye in the world as if ye were strangers or people who cross the street. For that Ibn Umar said: If thou there in the afternoon so do not you wait for the arrival of the morning, and if you are there in the morning days do you wait for the arrival of the afternoon, take sehatmu for matimu sakitmu and your life for. ”
“Messenger Shollallohu alaihi wasallam said: Use the five before five: your youth before the time use your parents, sehatmu before sakitmu, kayamu before fakirmu, longgarmu before sibukmu and your life before matimu”
Remember do not be fancy-anganmu as a point of entry with the devil to mempermainkanmu delusion of grandiose but empty, so your time just runs out for rush-rush and sacrifice your world just akhiratmu.
5. Desire Devil enter into a person through his wish, with an uncontrollable desire then someone can break his religion.
“Messenger Shollallohu alaihi wasallam said: No two hungry wolves that were released in the middle of the goat is more destructive to the goat rather than the desire of someone in wealth and rank (the world) is more damaging to his religion.
That desire someone of wealth and rank of the world is more damaging to religion than two hungry wolf that is in the midst of goat damage in goats.
6. Miserly Satanic scare people with poverty overshadowed so someone does not want infaq, shodaqoh, charity or religion ngebosi smoothness.
“Allah said: Satanic pauperism promise to you and tell the evil, and Allah promises you forgiveness and virtue from Him, Allah is vast sustenance and omniscient. And with Allah clearly promising happiness to the people who are not stingy.” 
 ومن يوق شح نفسه فأولئك هم المفلحون  
“Allah said: Whoever kept from his miserliness they are the ones who are happy.
7. Arrogant Arrogant including point of entry for devil, with arrogant devil brings men to reject the truth and remain in evil, finally someone to be a despicable, ASOR, fall, die go to hell. People who are arrogant fools, do not understand the essence of himself, if he understood he should not arrogant. What does it mean arrogant for being created from the ground and will again be ground and eaten by the caterpillars of land. “Messenger Shollallohu alaihi wasallam said: No go to heaven who is in his heart as heavy as the black ants of pride.”
The glory of the pride of her clothes and scarves me, then anyone who emulate me about something from them, then surely I am torturing him.
8. Glad to be praised If someone is happy to be praised for his good actions, the devil will continue feeling happy commended it to arise ujub against him, feeling his own pol, disparaging others. Thus the Prophet judge who praised his friend as well as by cutting his throat.
“Of the Abi Bakroh and behold there was someone mentioned in the Prophet Shollallohu alaihi wasallam, then someone else praising him, the Prophet said: have mercy on you, you have cut the neck of your friend (he said so repeatedly), if one of you can not help but have to praise, so let’s say-so I think this is the case even though he saw and the countdown is actually Allah and should not be considered sacred person of Allah. ”
9. Show off Lo `riya (showing off) is one of the doors of a few doors from where the devil entered him into the hearts of man, and therefore obligatory for a Muslim who wants to get heaven and saved from hell to filter his intention not to have changed from the because Allah be due to other than Allah (wrong intentions). So well researched deeds continue to do until interfered with `riya ambiguity, if there must be cleaned. Riya `because it is turning the hearts of Allah be due to other than Allah, or because the world or because they want to be praised by humans etc.. Therefore riya including small shirk.
“Messenger Shollallohu alaihi wasallam said: Surely I am more worried about stuff that you guys are worried over small shirk. They say: whether the minor shirk it, O Messenger. He replied: minor shirk is riya`. Allah Almighty said, when he replied to humans: Go you to people who you pameri in the world and see if they can reply to your charity. ”
Know devil invites you to leave a practice if he does not succeed then the devil asked to do riya `. If this is not successful then someone who already Mukhlis lillahi because Allah was overshadowed as if the deeds are still mixed riya `, so that someone was desperate and did not do good, to be careful against this devil business.
10. Feeling pol own. Feeling his own pol could arise because he rarely healthy people sick, people who rarely loses strength with his friends, people smart, clever, clever solve difficult problems. Feeling pol alone can also arise because he is noble or derivatives derived Hasan Husein, though:

 The Prophet said: “O Fatimah beramallah (own), because I’m insufficient you from Allah at all.
There is another person who ujub because they felt many children, families, relatives, many treasures.
And Allah said: On the day of someone running from his brother, mother, father, wife, son. For each and every one of them on that day there is something inadequate. O people, you guys are the ones who need to Allah, and Allah is sufficient and commendable Essence.
There are people who feel alone because they worship the pol influences. Masruq say: Enough for someone as clever person if the fear of Allah, and enough for someone as a fool if he feels himself with his credit pol.
Umar said: actually, including the Best of tobatmu that you understand your sins and including the Best of amalmu you pull ujubmu and including the Best of thanksgiving that you understand the shortcomings. Said Bukhari, Ibn Abi Mulaikah said: I found 30 shohabat Prophet, all of worry in him there is nifaaq (R. Bukhari). For that excess of anything in a person such as health, strength, knowledge, intelligence, ingenuity, skill in solving problems, nasab noble, property, children, parents, family, wealth, ability to serve the polls, all so that recognized peg-eyes as peparing Allah should always be thankful for not even to boast that eventually could spend his own charity.

11. Difficult prolonged anxiety. Grief, anxiety, regret the circumstances, always remembering the tragedy that befell him, lamenting the difficulty of coming barrage is one point of entry for devil man grumbled against existing qodar then to despair and disbelief eventually die go to hell. Thus the existence of tragedy, sorrow, distress, anxieties, that faced with a patient, istirja and believe that Allah will replace the better.
The Prophet said: He who Allaah wants to get better then Allah memusibahi him.
No override to a Muslim of tiredness, pain, grief, sadness and something that hurt so thorns about them except Allah surely melt his sins.
12.Mengikuti lust Following the passions also included in a misleading point of entry for devil man.
Allah says: And do you follow the passions he would mislead from the path of Allah.
It has been narrated in fact He said: I have damaged their sins then they destroy me with seek forgiveness, then when I saw that so I will destroy them with lust they thought to instructions and then they do not seek forgiveness.
I fear that to you on a misguided desires in your stomach and your fanny and passions that is misleading.
13. Guess bad Suudhon devil is also a point of entry into one’s self with one another for mutual suspicion suspicion to arise disputes, disputes, fights between fellow Muslims so that harmony and cohesiveness as a characteristic of people of faith can be broken. For that we should not do suudhon.
Allah says: Stay away from most prejudiced, because in fact most of prejudice is a sin and you do not find fault with others and not gossiping some of you to part.
14. Underestimating fellow Muslims. Underestimating fellow man of faith, insulting to other people of faith including the pitfalls of evil from which he came in destroying the faith. For that we must go back to the words of the Messenger Shollallohu alaihi wasallam: Enough for one person including the evil that he underestimated the brother of Islam.
Allah said: O believers, do not be a people insulting other people who perhaps they even better than that avoid, as well as a woman that one should not insult the other goods once they are better than on the offensive.
15.Meremehkan sin Underestimating the sin is one point of entry to the devil in a person. Shaytan will say it’s just a minor sin is okay, it’s mild, but finally someone did that little sin easily, so accumulate and damage at all. Word of the Messenger:
Stay away from small sins small sins because of the parable is like a people who fell in the abyss then this came with a piece of wood and this with a piece of wood so they carry the wood with wood that they could finalize their bread. Truly a small sin, when the culprit was taken with a minor sin, then sin is definitely ruin small.
16. Feel secure from the punishment of Allah There are people who always reminded sinner if he answered ghofururrohim Allah, as if by saying that he had been freed from the torment of Allah, he does not feel sorry for his actions he even felt proud of the offense-the offense. This is the type of people who feel safe from the punishment of Allah, he is that person who has committed a great sin. Devil is always adorned with a variety of charitable decoration so that the person to death will not face court felt heavy. Therefore we so always remember that we live in the next it takes a real struggle. Heaven can not be bought cheaply. The Prophet said:
Verily Allah is expensive merchandise trade, and know that Allah is heaven.
17. Rohmat despair of Allah Devil enter into man through Rohmat despair of Allah. Someone be overshadowed by the devil, your sins are so many you can not be forgiven, you better do anything in the world anyway later in the afterlife you would go to hell. With seduction devil so eventually many people who despair of repentance and die still go to hell, when Allah says:
Say Muhammad, O my servant servant who violates the incriminating on him, do not despair Rohmat you from Allah, indeed Allah forgives all sins, Allah indeed Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.
This is the point of entry to the devil in human beings, we must always examine and we watch out for us not get into their trap, be a human being controlled by Satan and the dead go to hell.

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