Typically, the default value of all human endeavor and education (the same field in order to reduce the default) you need to understand the ignorance of any innovation. The more standard education, as well as the way to human perception itself in the context of human creative effort (I can bring myself to humanitarian law from the perspective of Almighty God.
For most developing countries – even though developed countries, – Education and Human Resources Management (HR) to help you prepare for uintuk. It is a process of education in the world to hold the awareness of human potential, “it should be given to mankind, this formal education, to provide guidance for the continuation of life, knowledge of the country According to the life and cultural values are expected? was
Follow the more education also should be able to motivate people to use this potential has a value of humanity. The materials have been enhanced to improve the quality of life, both in the private sphere must be able to provide the knowledge society and the state.
Mentegarai, for the people of Indonesia, the agenda is one of the most important educational issues and of itself. Government (in this sense is the state) is obliged to make public education porses.
Unless the gap between the general interest of high alcohol education to provide education to maximize the ability of the government pointed out that it appears. Have limited coverage, the agency held a vision for the state of existing solutions in order to participate in civil society groups and other community every individual.
As well as non-objective form of active participation, many Islamic organizations and institutions participated in competitive activities in accordance with the requirements for the chance of protecting people through education and religion, this aspect is certainly

The policy for the provision of Islamic education

Islamic educational institutions and authors term process (curriculum) (Idrus, 1997) Please context for meaning. It is an Islamic educational institution (Michigan, M.Ts., Massachusetts Islam’s PT) view of institutions, non-formal education (boarding school, schools Diniyah, tons per year) will be. University education in the form of Islam. Higher education, Zamroni (1995), the proposed model of higher education that Islam, the foundation indicated that the implementation of the secular West will be added for higher education in Islam.
However, if you see an interactive process between teachers and students with environmental learning. In this way, and would have to be directed to generate a balanced growth of the personality of man in terms of various process and provide you abandon yourself to God and man, collectively, individually or you can. I was in a narrow sense and curriculum subject or topic / session is understandable given that learners.
From any side, on the role of Islamic education in the context of national education. It is just need to know to understand you do today, Islamic institutions, in many cases is often to take second place. For example, the department provides Islamic education, many interested parties, are not compared to other major currencies seen to go to a better future. The course which at the direction of the jump religious ministry and directional / school Ministry of National Education is always (under supervision of the money is not raised) at the level of development institutions please see that we are any need to be adjusted in stages as happened in public schools.
Also recognize the importance of the position of Islamic education in the context of national education. However, Islam and education, current position of the sub just hinnga large systems of national education movement did not need to know. Perhaps showing the position of Islamic education in his opening speech that makes a teacher Afumadiyakomyuniti what exactly is this supplement Rozihan (.’s HTTP: / / http://www.suaramerdeka.com/harian/0501/07/opi3 . htm), respectively.
This is a government regulation (PP), out of religious education and religious education to 55th 2007 is the process of Islamic education menagerial is expected to make changes. How explicit page (plenipotentiary conference of Islamic education refers to the language), you need to organize religious education for Muslim and other religious systems.
Islam and religious education, and Catholic Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Confucianism, and religious instruction covering this story, “Article 9 (1), and to explain the scope of a general religious education materials it. In addition, Section 2 (the same article, the director described the ID), religious education, Nonfomarufomaru, informal sector, Prime Minister of Religion or jumps.
It is the responsibility of teaching Islam in the process of training and development is clearly author / / or were responsible for Islamic religious and clergy. Of course, not just the service of Islam, just consider the post of Minister of Religion, as well as administrative and other non-Muslim religious teaching burden of the clergy, religious processions and other religious and administrative expenses is related to enhanced awareness of the range of all religions in Indonesia.
Clergy monitor how the heavy lifting, we propose the idea of playing it you need under one roof, and only under the Ministry of Education, if you do not seem fragmented and is today.
First, under one roof that led to the unification of the biggest reasons for education, education management policy decisions, while Mora is associated with academic problems, especially the policy is always made by the Ministry of Education Please follow. Not the first time, more than twice the area of innovation in education from the Ministry of Education and Religious jump. Itself, or in many cases, Mora is waiting to be issued by the Ministry of Education for the management of innovation policy at all times. The history of public education, in fact Ramola, and was really developed by the Ministry of Education will hold a lot of different innovations.
This fact is clearly seen to deny just how can Karikyuramukonpitenshi (CBC) is based on policy, education Yunittoreberukarikyuramu (SBC), the advantage may be what the Ministry of Education The development and implementation of clear. At the same time remain faithful to the following religious affairs. In one recent case, Mora) test what’s ability yangmengikuti meters education, TS and MS / s, Mac graduated selected him (in please refer to the example of school examinations and national examinations, learners must decide whether to raise this issue was not
In addition, religious schools can not be controlled by the Ministry of Religious jump from the administrative side, a large number of schools that are in addition to teaching staff, Mora was Inakatsu religious schools have to manage sufficient resources or so, with enough money compared to Diknas.
For example, Secretary 7 trillion dollars, returns the value of Islamic education budget in 2007. Teachers and Educational Personnel (57.1%), and the optional boss’s salary, number and educational needs of many elements, boss (25.7%), the rest of the district’s 32 regional offices, and four tupoksi budget MAPENDA Field Station and the Mora Mora Pontren (17.1%) or nearly $ 1.2 trillion in writing. Currently, the Ministry of Education Ministry of Religious jump Islamic state budget and education budget (not in education budget by 20 percent) (Mulyana. 2008) Prediction
Higher education levels, also depend on the jump felt religion and ministry. We are of any rank (academic positions), the Ministry of Education professor, lecturer and professor from the co-chairs to determine the rank of Islam sepengtahuan Depdiknaslah call it a problem to a recognition of the Islamic University.
The path between the first professor to be submitted to the Organization Religious Ministry in Jakarta, then jump, the Ministry of Education teacher of Islamic Labor Party is made after submission. Letter signed by the Minister of Education will, besarpun teacher, not the minister. You long term, to get to this path, a lecturer and instructor Kopertis Kopertais need to pass from private Islamic. It is clear, this is ridiculous, and how the institution is to determine the steps needed to the innovation process can not be very educational.
The fraud case management keaagamaan of education, higher education if the minister of religion, contained in paragraph 7 (1) not only the donor, was investigated as a decision maker. Governors and mayors and decision makers in the secondary education level, religion and head of the county Input / created by the main study provided by the City. Again, this is down to the very employees Moura shows do not have rights but the process of religious education.
Business information provided and Islamic religious education, secondary schools and 20 feet, the primary Mac /. Also explicitly states that these institutions actually, the same potential level education students displacement (Article 11) has not been described. 17 Section 20 Education Act 2003 (2) In addition, the level of basic education that is described, and M.Ts. exchanges, the first paragraph of Article 80 (3) and MA Mac Islamic Secondary Education education. Each paragraph 30 specifically state education only (4), or Article 14 paragraph (1) Diniyah in the form of education and religious education for the page number 55 of the Law School. Paragraph (2) paragraph (3) these two models, formal education, shows can be composed of non-formal and informal.
So the question is How do M.Ts. Massachusetts Michigan location / Mac Islamic Party and Muslim religious institutions? Diniyah same place as a boarding school with? Process of education for education is also mentioned in the last 16 Mai Diniyah articles institutional form, M.Ts. using the name of the master / Mac to Diniyah basic education and secondary education Diniyah call.
The topics Another interesting 2007 conference plenary powers, the 55 educational excellence and religious independence this year, Article 12, paragraph (2) “The government, independence does not conflict with the goals of National Education independence of religious education To protect the? first Diniyah education standards, given not only the problem of Islamic religious education in boarding schools and other materials.
However, the Indonesian national education and formal education, mathematics and the implementation of compulsory education, basic science Diniyah Article 18 of the fee required to enter, the school said in paragraph (1) and Curriculum 2007 55 years of Diniyah page. It should also Diniyah Diniyah secondary education curriculum for secondary education, responsible citizenship, Indonesian, mathematics, natural science, art and culture.
Provides independence desire a government, individual cases were selected, “What is school? In the field of Islamic Education, in Article 18 as a story certainly not the paragraph (1) Su deal smarter competition here it should be. It is not in the above article as a way of formally non-formal education from the presence of a strong early Islamic education. The broad theme of religious material, as specified and taught about There is no subject to speak.
This does not mean heart attack, M.Ts., a public school education as a form of Islamic religious curriculum in the current day of public school science curriculum MA / Mac, and the ratio, however, as You can leave a school that features of Islamic religious education. Public sector 70%, 30% of the area of religion, schools and aims to equal the same level of education in schools.
You can add a high rate even when areas of the curriculum in the area of religious education curriculum to improve the quality of the school necessarily? This happens in practice were not always corrected. We call the problem of school identity.

 The first detailed the existence of religious schools, in fact, to focus on religious education and Islamic world. This change in school behavior accurately, and has lost its identity, the problem of evil, compared to public schools according to the Ministry of Education building is to take a role in the context of national education.
At times, coming to terms of curriculum development, but the school will face the dilemma of science that dichotomy. Islamic Science and the faithful fulfilling of this size, curriculum developers and the presence of or in accordance with market demands, you need to change to meet the practical needs of learners trying to live. Of course, this option is the same risk of developing materials that are not they draw the learning process.
At the same time, the non-formal education is Diniyah in Article 21, first (1), informal studies, books, Taklim Diet Education Koran, Diniyah Takmiliyah, in the form of Diniyah or other similar form of education . The same article described in paragraph (5) Diniyah adjustment of Michigan, SMP / MTS is, SMA is / Massachusetts, Mac / SMK Hayate Higher Education / able to develop and implement sustainable takmiliyah Masu’s action.
Many of the failure of institutions and courses in Islamic religious parties, if it is the same problem Diniyah must be done through non-formal education. It Diniyah other forms of these non-formal education is a clear purpose and is not trying to avoid an opportunity to study the process of formal education. Only if it occurs, how to effort kesetaraannya Questions? Diniyah role model will help agencies to offset the non-formal education, What is this?
The Ministry of Education and equality in education is not a problem just completed, at least not yet implemented the home, the issues that are before and after this date scooling. Mora is a non-formal education to make sure the model will start Diniyah designed to offset this. Because it does not seem fair, but that does not appreciate the attributes out educated people for a period of time did not.

He was the best solution for this exposure is above the post office for the Islamic education of a religious Islamic education policy sertamerta To assign responsibility for the Ministry of Education has authority away, even though Zu, there is no plan. But the future, at least from the education policy relating to Muslim religious affairs, the same policy after the birth of the Ministry of Education, it can cause when it has decided to save it. If the same policy, at least, this policy was born in the same period, the same rules as formulated, issued by the two different organizations.
Side, the Ministry of Islamic education for the development of cooperation and we need to seriously work Depad between. Therefore, the presence of any Islamic education is an essential part, is one of the nation’s education system. This is still the current state of Islamic education can see, is a subsystem in the context of public education, just supplement (extension) as, then “become a role? Second alone, acts, part of the decision You can provide a means to complement the (large).
Only if he still had the same position, they are set right and so Moura Ministry of Education, and unity, not only for the management of education problems in the future and one day, the Ministry of Education Other arrangements must provide the Department of Education and some (official) Official. As a side office showab allahu’alamu.


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